The practice of Urutan Malaysia involves the finest elements from Malay being combined with various to indigenous massage techniques. Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Chinese Qi Gong Breathing, and Malaysian Herbal Foot Soak. The Objective is to relax, refresh and rejuvenate in addition to a Malaysian holistic wellness experience being instilled.

D'Manja Traditional Malay Massage
Why did Urutan Malaysia get created?

Malaysian professionals from various ethnic backgrounds designed Urutan Malaysia. It highlights the finest rituals, healing techniques, treatment, setting, music and recipes.

How long does a Urutan Malaysia session last?

A Urutan Malaysia session takes 1 1/2 hours of complete bliss.

What can I expect after my first Urutan Malaysia session?

You will feel refreshed, energized, and a sense of relief from joint stiffness and muscle tension. You will feel pure Malaysian bliss in all of your senses.

There are some traditional massage techniques that focus a lot on deep tissue massage or Urat that cause bruises and pain. Does Urutan Malaysia cause pain or hurt?

A well-trained Urutan Malaysia therapist can deliver an effective and pain-free massage. Extensive palm-work is utilized by Urutan Malaysia which distributes pressure evenly covering a broad range of muscles. Clients are able to select the right pressure they would like to receive.

For Urutan Malaysia will I have to undress?

Yes, but trained therapists do proper draping to ensure your privacy and modesty.

What are the difference between Urutan Malaysia and other massage techniques?

Urutan Malaysia holistically combines the best of Indigenous, Indian, Chinese and Malay modality in contrast to traditional massage, where only one modality is used.

What part of the body is the focus of Urutan Malaysia?

All body parts are given equal emphasis by Urutan Malaysia. However, depending on the needs of the client, Urutan Malaysia can be customized by the therapist to focus on a certain area like the legs or back.

Does Urutan Malaysia use oil?

Yes. The Herbal massage oil or “Minyak Urut” that is used with Urutan Malaysia is made with herbs that have natural warming properties like cinnamon, galangal, cloves and ginger.

Is there different Urutan Malaysia for female and male?

The massage movement is essentially the same. However, for the female guest Urutan Malaysia does have optional breast and face massage movements.

Are there any side effects associated with Urutan Malaysia?

In general, Urutan Malaysia does not have any known side effects since it focuses on rejuvenating, refreshing and relaxing the body. However, it is advised that clients with health conditions obtain medical advice or inform their therapist before their receive the massage.